Loving life as a caricaturist in Perth (and FROM Perth)

“What’s life like as a caricaturist in Perth?” “When did you start out?” “How are you different to other caricaturists in Perth?” “Is my nose really THAT big?”

* These are just some of the questions people ask me on a regular basis. Read on for the answers.

My life as a caricaturist

Discover why I became a caricaturist and which caricaturists inspire me. Read about my live party, wedding and event entertainment gigs. Find out everything you always wanted to know about life as a caricaturist in Perth, but were afraid to ask.

How I work in my Perth studio

I create caricatures in traditional media, like oil paints, but increasingly I consider myself a digital caricaturist. Learn about how I work, how my style is different to other caricaturists and the process behind my caricatures, then browse my caricature gallery to see the results for yourself.

Why not get in touch and ask your own question, or request a quote. See how my victims (I mean clients) rate me as a caricaturist. Or find out more about my celebrity caricatures and commissions for clients in Perth, across Australia and overseas.