Need unusual personalised present ideas? Take your pick

You need some gift ideas – presents that are unusual, personalised and individual. In fact, you want the best damn present ever. You want to be the envy of all the other present givers. The big present-giving cheese. The head present honcho. Well, read on.

Nothing says I love you like a framed caricature

In terms of unusual personalised present ideas, a commissioned caricature has got to be the perfect gift. Take a look at my caricature gallery. Each caricature is unique, so you can guarantee you won’t turn up at the birthday, anniversary, or engagement party with the same present as someone else.

Contact me for a quote – I can have your present professionally framed and then shipped anywhere in Australia, or overseas.

Unlimited personalised present ideas and options

The gift world is your oyster once you’ve commissioned a caricature as a present. From personalised t-shirts to the more unusual present ideas, like caricature golf club covers… no really.

  • T-shirts and apparel
  • Bags and backpacks
  • Mugs and drinking bottles
  • Hats and baseball caps
  • Cards and balloons
  • Glassware
  • Golf club covers and balls
  • Wine bottles
  • Stubby holders
  • Key rings
  • Stationery

The list goes on…

If you’ve got any ideas for a personalised present, contact me at my studio in Perth to see if we can have a caricature printed on it. Chances are we can.

Wedding and party packages

I also offer wedding and party caricature packages for birthday, engagement, anniversary and wedding parties. These can include:

• Invitations
• Caricature signing board
• Napkins and table cloths
• Balloons and decorations
• And anything else you need, including live entertainment

Check out the options for wedding, engagement, anniversary and birthday party entertainment, as well as corporate event entertainment, in Perth and across Australia.